Customer Relationship Management

Most entrepreneurs know that they need a CRM system to help them become more effective in their sales especially in managing their sales team. However, very few actually used the CRM system. You should start using this system for the sake of expanding your company.


The CRM module provides you with the following:

  • Contact module, Prospect, Client
  • All functions from quotation, order, invoice, DO and receipts
  • Sales Tracking
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • KPI for sales staff
  • Dashboard for customer distribution (map-based customer distribution)

Use CRM Module from Quotation to Invoicing

officecentral-crm-dashboards2OfficeCentral also comes with Mobile App which allows you to create Quotation, Order Acceptance, Delivery Order, Invoice and Receipt direct from your mobile phone! (Currently available on Android only)

Watch the video for a short demo on OfficeCentral CRM Mobile App:

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