How to Give your Team a Work-Life Balance while Maintaining High Productivity

How to Give your Team a Work-Life Balance while Maintaining High Productivity

It’s not uncommon for young professionals to equate working long hours with high productivity. After all, the more you work, the more you accomplish – right? Though it seems to make perfect sense on the surface, this path will eventually lead to burnout. When there is no proper work-life balance, the quality and productivity of the team suffers as a whole. Even if just a few team members’ productivity suffers, the team feels the brunt since it must then compensate to maintain productivity overall. The key, however, to maintaining high levels of productivity across the team lies in encouraging and achieving a healthy work-life balance among all members.


Understanding the Job and Managing Priorities

When each team member understands the job and what is expected, identifying tasks and managing priorities becomes a simple process. The team leader or supervisor can help this process along by setting clear goals and making sure everyone understands them. This process works even better team members are expected to participate in the process and make decisions. It gives each member a sense of ownership. When a team member feels ownership, he/she is more likely to follow through with the process.


Encourage Team Members to Take Breaks


Though some projects may be demanding and fast-paced, encouraging everyone on the team to take regular breaks to refocus their energies will help maintain high productivity. Remind the members of your team to constantly assess and evaluate their energy, and have team leaders watch for signs of burnout. Taking a few moments to step away from the desk throughout the day helps recharge the brain. Team members should be encouraged to use and take their leave throughout the year as well. The result will be a better focused team that makes better decisions.


A Focus on Health Boosts Productivity

Though your company many offer generous health benefits, it’s important to take it a step further. Healthy team members are productive team members. This means emphasizing more physical activity along with healthy eating habits. Consider offering access to gym memberships and providing healthy food/snack alternatives if your company provides food. Sitting all day saps energy so you may also want to consider providing desks/work areas that allow team members to stand and move about as well. Healthy team members are happier, have less stress, and make better decisions.


Build in Flexibility

One of the top complaints among team members is the lack of flexibility in their jobs. This often means compromising in other areas of life which can lead to frustration, job dissatisfaction, and burnout. Consider offering flexible work hours or remote work days that allow your team members to enjoy every aspect of life. If team members are getting the job the done, there is no need for 24-7 facetime. Planning ahead helps keep the work schedule manageable and allows your team members the flexibility they crave.




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