Human Resources Management System

OfficeCentral Human Resources Management System has been designed with simplicity in mind and minimizing learning curve to enable organizations to adopt OfficeCentral and implement in their companies in minimal time.

Some of the modules included in OfficeCentral HRMS are as follow:

Staffs Management

In this module, you can keep information about your staffs which include:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Contact Information
  3. Family Information
  4. Employment Information
  5. Health Information
  6. Insurance Information
  7. Skills and Past Experiences
  8. …and a lot more!


The information from this module are used throughout the system. After getting the information about the staffs, the system automatically generates organization chart based on supervisor settings.

officecentral-autogenerated-organizationchartThe system will also auto populate the address book for all staffs to access just in case if they need to contact the other staffs.


At OfficeCentral, we know that it is important for you to analyze your data for informed decision. Therefore, we also have various dashboards and reporting available for you to use.


Leave Management

In OfficeCentral, we also offers flexible leave management which can be configured to suit your corporation’s leave policy. Leave entitlements can be configured for auto calculation for future years based on job classification and numbers of years worked at the company. Leave allocation can also be auto-allocated based on pro-rate (and non-prorate, if you prefer) can also be configured so that this will reduce manual calculations need to be done by the Human Resources Department. This will allow the staff to know how many leave entitlements they have, how many can they take currently and how many they have used. This will tremendously reduce work at the HR Department while at the same time increase employees satisfaction as the data is transparent an available at any time they want.


The staffs can log in to their OfficeCentral account to apply for leave while the Supervisor (or other approver if you set differently) can log in to their OfficeCentral Account to approve the leave application(s).


And we also provide dashboards and reporting on leave trend for you to analyze your leave data and detect any trend occurring to reduce abuse.


Flexible Configurable Approval Workflow

One of the strength of OfficeCentral is that you can have flexible configurable approval workflow which allows you to have multiple approval levels (each level must be approved before it goes to the next level, once all levels are approved, than only it is marked as approved) and you can also have multiple people on one level (one of them approve, and the request is considered as approved at that level).

This makes it easier for you to implement OfficeCentral according to your company’s policies and reduce resistance at the employees level.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management is also one of the sub-modules inside OfficeCentral HRMS. This allows you to keep track of your employees’ attendance and tardiness.


Movement Management

In this sub-module, the staffs can record their movements each time they go out from the office. It can be marked either for work purpose or for personal time off. They can also submit report for each movements and each movement can be tied to claims if needed.


Courses Management

If your company provides many training courses for your staffs, you can use the Courses Management to manage the courses and trainings available inside your company. Your employees can apply to enroll for the courses online and all approval can be done online too. This will also allow you to track on the trainings done inside your organization and the participation of each training.


Are you interested to purchase OfficeCentral or request for a FREE demo? Feel free to email us at or contact us at 03-27243826. Thank you.

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