GST-Compliant Accounting

OfficeCentral Accounting has been designed with the end users in mind. It is designed to be easy to use, and can be configured to suit your business’ operations. In OfficeCentral Accounting, you can setup your own Charts of Accounts (and we have default one too if you prefer we help you with the accounts setup!).

One of the key differentiation of OfficeCentral Accounting is its multi-location usage where you can have individual Charts of Accounts for each location (or branch) of your company, and at the same time generate both location-based and overall accounting reports. This will allow you to see which branch is the most profitable and also the financial health of your company.


Many reports are automatically generated inside OfficeCentral Accounting, making your life and audit processes easier.

  • Profit and loss (Dashboard and reports, comparisons, ratios)
  • Profit and Loss (Project Accounting)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Sales Report (by product, by period, detailed listing, comparisons, ratios)
  • Import transactions from other modules (save time, no double entry and data accuracy)
  • Intelligent selection (the system will give you proper selection, so that you will not make mistakes)


The GST accounting module is an extension of the Standard accounting module. Once you set the setting as GST company, you will gain access to all the extra GST transaction modules and features.You will get the following:

  • GST transactions – all relevant transactions, required selections and calculations
  • Invoicing – Full Invoice, Simplified Invoice
  • Input tax, Purchase report
  • Output tax, Sales report
  • Credit Note, Debit Note, Bad Debt, Delivery order 21 day rule
  • GST-03 report
  • GST Audit File OfficeCentral-GST-accounting
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