Point of Sales

OfficeCentral Point of Sales (POS) has been designed to easily monitor your sales and also can figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell. It help you manage the POS in easiest steps.

Counter – You can create your own counter as you want.


The counter created will be updated in the list of counters as shown above.

The figure above shows you can enter opening amount and select the type of currency that you use.

Once you has done creating counter and open counter, you can see overview of POS as shown below:


Interesting Features in Overview of POS:

  1. Invoices – you can see list of invoices created.
  2. Orders – you will see list of orders that you choose.
  3. Accounts – show you the list of account that added in POS.
  4. Pricebooks – you can search pricebooks by name, code and barcode. It save your time management.
  5. Discounts – it is the new feature has been released. Now you can add the discounts for apply to pricebook and customers. The membership discounts also can be set.


At OfficeCentral, we know that is important to analyse your sales, the availability of your product and which product is the most selling. Therefore, we provide various type of report and dashboards that can use as an evaluation of your product and sales.

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