What is OfficeCentral?

The trend is very clear globally. The growth of cloud adoption is more than 50% annually. Many SMEs have moved to cloud solutions to manage their company operation. The following are the reasons why these entrepreneurs and managers have chosen cloud solutions for their companies:


  • Access from any device (mobile, laptop, computer)
  • Access anytime from anywhere (wherever you are)
  • Collaboration (all staff can collaborate with each other using the cloud solution)
  • No need for capital budget (cloud concept of paying a small amount monthly)
  • Low cost (cloud concept of cost-sharing alows fantastic features at low user cost)
  • Powerful and many modules (you have almost all of the modules required to run your company efficiently and effectively)
  • Always the latest version (no need to download anything; your version will be the latest version when it is made available)

Thousands of users have benefited from using OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral is one of the leading cloud based solutions for SMEs. OfficeCentral is also the winner for NEF-Awani Award 2013 for the best solution for SMEs.


OfficeCentral provides you and your staff the following modules:

·         Accounting module (benefit from the various dashboards and reports and save time by using data inport from other modules)

·         Accounting GST module (immediately launch the GST version when you start GST implementation)

·         Human Resource module (look at how your company increases operation efficiency)

·         Payroll module (save a lot of time managing your payroll and preparing various government forms)

·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module (manage your sales and marketing activities effectively, increase your sales team’s effectiveness)

·         Purchasing Module (manage all your purchases, suppliers and monitor your cost)

·         Point of Sales (manage your POS using the cloud, monitor from anywhere)

·         OfficeCentral Mobile (where you can optimize the use of GPS location and picture in managing your company)

When you become an OfficeCentral user, you will be able to get access to all the modules above.


On top of the fantastic modules, as mentioned earlier, OfficeCentral provides you with OfficeCentral mobile module for you and your staff. Your staffs can apply for leave and other things. The mobile apps will provide you with additional features that use the GPS and camera functions. You can check-in to the office, check-out, or check-in at meeting location. You can submit claims using your mobile device whereby you can capture the receipt and immediately submit your claim without having to come back to the office. This will save a lot of your staff’s time given that it is very efficient. Your sales staff can report sales movement and capture sales prospect namecard using the camera and assign your staff to follow up; everything from your mobile device. You can save a lot of time and money using the mobile module.

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