OfficeCentral KPI Management System

OfficeCentral KPI Dashboard will give the right information to the right users at the right time to optimize decisions, enhance efficiency, and accelerate results.

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Best Things About OfficeCentral KPI Management System

Here are some the best thing you need to know why is our OfficeCentral KPI Management System
is the great Malaysia Cloud Software for all industries.

Balanced Scorecard

Align all your business KPIs in a single strategy that includes financial, customer, internal process & growth perspective

Balanced Scorecard

Automated KPI Reporting

The system provides an automated approach to KPI reporting that allows reduced hours spend chasing reports from staff.

Automated KPI Reporting

Measure and Take Action

Allow managers and staff to measure and manage target and goals and highlight the gap to improve performance.

Measure and Take Action

Right Information at The Right Time

Getting the right data to the right person at the right time enables managers, individuals and companies to make better informed decisions faster

Right Information At The Right Time

Benchmarking for Peer Staff

Compare the KPI Performance across the organisation, where staff able to raise the game to achieve benchmark.

Benchmarking for Peer Staff

Systematic Approach

The system allows you to compare KPI performance across the organisation, highlighting where staffs need to raise their game to match the benchmark.

Systematic Approach
Main Feature


Wondering why you should use KPI Management? There are countless number of benefits how OfficeCentral KPI can help you grow.

  • AccessibilityAccessibility
    Now you can get access to your company’s data and KPI achievements from anywhere you are via any devices such as your PC at the office, your laptop at home and even your mobile phone when you are on the go. Faster decision making.
  • Responsive DesignResponsive Design
    We understand that the trend shows many people are accessing their data using their mobile phone. So, we have designed OfficeCentral KPI to be responsive and easily viewed not only on desktops/laptops but on your mobile phone as well.
  • Easier CollaborationEasier Collaboration
    By using OfficeCentral KPI, it makes it easier for your team to collaborate together and save time from doing redundant work. Everyone will also be updated always to the latest information, wherever they are.
  • AutomationAutomation
    In OfficeCentral KPI Management, we aim to automate as many as possible manual processes including auto generated reports and dashboards. This will help you to be able to view your employees’ performance and company’s progress at anytime that you need.
  • ForecastForecast
    One of the benefits of using system to manage your data is that you can forecast what’s next. By using OfficeCentral KPI Management, you will be able to view your staff performance, progress towards achieving your organization’s goals and enable to identify any issues earlier.
  • Secured InfrastructureSecured Infrastructure
    Our cloud-based software puts owners and managers in complete control over business information. With secure account and data backups, you get peace of mind over the safety of your data.

Stylish Design

These are the sample stylish dashboard for OfficeCentral KPI Management System


Supervisee KPI's

Overall Performance




Team Competency





Appraisal Personal



KPI Overall

OfficeCentral Collaboration and Awards

These are the awards and collaboration company with OfficeCenrtal

New Entrepreneurs
Apicta 2016 Awards
SME 100

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