OfficeCentral KPI Management System

Evaluate your company's performance to improve on what matters most!

OfficeCentral KPI Management System is a holistic, interactive and multifaceted system that accelerates organizational and personal growth, development, and improvement.

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Our Modules & Features We Provided!

OfficeCentral KPI Management System
kpi balanced scorecard
Systematic Approach

The comparisons are done for you, so you know where to focus your attention. Our system also analyses the data for you, so that you can focus on what’s important.

kpi automated report
Automated KPI Reporting

Our solution automatically sends reports to your inbox in a timely manner, so you can spend less time chasing reports from staff and more time running your business.

kpi performance management
Balanced Scorecard

Balanced scorecards give you a strategic view of your business. This will help you create an integrated strategy that will span the financial, customer, internal process, and growth perspectives.

kpi competency
Measure and Take Action

Give yourself and your employees the data you need to make better decisions. HR Analytics enables managers to measure target and goals, highlight the gap to improve performance, and take action.

kpi benchmark
Benchmarking for Peer Staff

Increase the efficiency, productivity and performance of your team. Give your staff the chance to benchmark themselves against their peers, and see how they stack up against the competition.

goal management system
Right Information at The Right Time

When you need the right information at just the right time, it’s only a click away. With our intuitive, easy to use goal management system, you can get the information you need to make the best decision for your individual or company in seconds.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

OfficeCentral KPI Management System
kpi easy accessibility

Ease of Access

Get access to your company’s data and critical KPI achievements from anywhere you are via any device. With a few clicks, you can drill down to the level of data that you need and make faster decisions from the comfort of your desk.

kpi productivity

Increase Productivity

With a clear and detailed production schedule, you can take control of your business and make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can automate and improve your essential business processes to help everyone in your company get more work done.

kpi responsive user interface

Responsive UI Design

OfficeCentral KPI offers a responsive and easily viewable UI design on desktops/laptops and mobile phones. The clean, intuitive design will provide an accurate, easy to understand and shareable platform for your team’s business metrics.

kpi performance

Performance Forecast

Give your staff more than just feedback. OfficeCentral KPI Management enables you to forecast what’s next by giving you the ability to view your staff performance, progress towards achieving your organization’s goals, and identify any issues early on.

easy collaborate kpi

Easier Collaboration

Free your team to do more important work—without the time-consuming meetings. OfficeCentral KPI is a team performance management software that helps you collaborate with your team and clients, share information, and measure goals.

secure kpi

Secured Infrastructure

The safety of your data is our number one priority. We use only the latest encryption methods to keep your account and data secure.

Standard Modules & Functionalities

OfficeCentral KPI Management System
You can measure the performance of your company by the key performance indicators. This gives you a clear view of the company status and which areas need to be improved or need to be changed.
KPI Appraisal is a vital system that provides managers with a valuable tool for managing and motivating staff. Filter employees based on their category or weightage to get a clear view of their performance.
This new feature will help you track the score of your staffs' contribution and how to calculate their performance so you can get a better understanding of all the contributions of your staff.

Do you still use manual reporting and unsure how to manage your employees’ and business KPI?

By implementing OfficeCentral Cloud KPI Management Solutions, you are not only able to manage your KPI from wherever you are, but now you can also free up your employees’ time from doing mundane tasks that can be automated.

Let OfficeCentral KPI helps you to generate reports that you can access anytime you want, and let your team focus on activities that generate revenue for your organization, maximize productivity and grow your business.

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Come and let's hear about OfficeCentral from OfficeCentral users themselves!

The OfficeCentral system is very convenient, easy to access because it can view all systems on one platform. It is very user-friendly and accessible anywhere using smartphones, laptops and computers.

Puan Iz Fairuz


OfficeCentral makes it easy. All invoices and receipts are under control and reports are easily generated when needed

Siti Hidayati


The OfficeCentral system is easy to access anywhere even without the office and the system, it is very much protected because it has a security step before it is generated to report.

Puan Kaznah Kuzi


OfficeCentral is the best system for SMEs because OfficeCentral is a simple one stop solution system that helps entrepreneurs to manage the business performance and results that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Office Management Solutions all in one place.

Puan Faridah Hanif


Our company have been using OfficeCentral for more than 5 years now. We registered the system when the government started to implement GST. We are quite satisfied with the system as we can store up and record easily our daily business, even using a smartphone.

It helps a lot with preparing invoices, DO, accounting system, CRM, and Finances. As for a small company like us, this system is affordable and within our budget. Everything can be stored in cloud without taking the PC storage.

Overall, I highly recommend this system to all new user whose been looking for a system that covers most aspects of our business

Raudhah Mohamad Ali


The OfficeCentral system makes accounting work easier as it can generate invoices, payment vouchers, and purchase orders in one platform. It is also very user-friendly, even people with no account background can use the OfficeCentral system. OfficeCentral prices are also affordable especially for SMEs.

Puan Kartini