Fingerprint Time Attendance System


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Common Problem
Buddy Punching

Employees can punch in early to cover for a colleague who arrives late. The employee is able to work longer hours, causing the company to lose money on "fake" clocking. This is common in traditional punch card attendance systems.

Month-end Stress

Every month, the account clerk must spend a significant amount of time calculating attendance reports on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. HR must manually manage the multi-shift working staff and leave management, which is stressful in order to meet the deadline.

Reporting Error

Manual attendance calculation is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Wrongly calculated employee salaries will lead to disagreements and low employee morale. This will demotivate employees and reflect poorly on the company's management.

We've Got Solutions!

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

No More Buddy Punching!

Employees will no longer able to buddy-punch with the Biometric Reader integrated with the OfficeCentral time attendance system because the system only recognises each person's unique fingerprint. The employee can no longer falsify their working hours. The OfficeCentral software will record every clock-in/clock-out event with date and time, and an attendance report can be easily generated.


Improved Attendance Reporting

To capture employee clock as accurately as possible, OfficeCentral software provided flexible multi-shift (auto-detect) and overnight shift. Clocking data and leave management are simple to monitorand track. Employee attendance, leaves and punctuality are summarised in comprehensive reports in a Excel format for a quick review. This contributess to increased human resource and financial effiency and productivity.


Direct Connection to Cloud

OfficeCentral Time Attendance TA01 is an economical Fingerprint Cloud Based Attendance System with inbuilt backup battery uses WIFI to connect direct to the OfficeCentral cloud server without the rest of local server. It offers unparalled perfomance using an advanced algorithm for realibility, precision and excellent matching speed.

OfficeCentral Fingerprint Attendance System

Machine Biometric Attendance System With Direct Connection to Cloud via WIFI

OfficeCentral Time Attendance TA01 is an economical Fingerprint Cloud Based Attendance System with inbuilt backup battery uses wifi to connect direct to the OfficeCentral cloud server without the need of local server.

It offers unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed.

The Officecentral TA01 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and wifi communication module, high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The system is integrated with Wifi communication to enable direct connection to the cloud server, without the need of local server. This feature saves the cost of local server and increase the reliability of the data transfer to the cloud.

OfficeCentral Fingerprint

Track Attendance & Time with OfficeCentral

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Come and let's hear about OfficeCentral from OfficeCentral users themselves!

The OfficeCentral system is very convenient, easy to access because it can view all systems on one platform. It is very user-friendly and accessible anywhere using smartphones, laptops and computers.

Puan Iz Fairuz


OfficeCentral makes it easy. All invoices and receipts are under control and reports are easily generated when needed

Siti Hidayati


The OfficeCentral system is easy to access anywhere even without the office and the system, it is very much protected because it has a security step before it is generated to report.

Puan Kaznah Kuzi


OfficeCentral is the best system for SMEs because OfficeCentral is a simple one stop solution system that helps entrepreneurs to manage the business performance and results that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Office Management Solutions all in one place.

Puan Faridah Hanif


Our company have been using OfficeCentral for more than 5 years now. We registered the system when the government started to implement GST. We are quite satisfied with the system as we can store up and record easily our daily business, even using a smartphone.

It helps a lot with preparing invoices, DO, accounting system, CRM, and Finances. As for a small company like us, this system is affordable and within our budget. Everything can be stored in cloud without taking the PC storage.

Overall, I highly recommend this system to all new user whose been looking for a system that covers most aspects of our business

Raudhah Mohamad Ali


The OfficeCentral system makes accounting work easier as it can generate invoices, payment vouchers, and purchase orders in one platform. It is also very user-friendly, even people with no account background can use the OfficeCentral system. OfficeCentral prices are also affordable especially for SMEs.

Puan Kartini