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Use the Automated Accounting system to automate accounting transactions from your sales team, payroll team, purchasing team and finance team. You can save up to 100% of your data accountant time. You get instant financial reports.

You have all the modules you need

OfficeCentral provides you with all the modules you need. ERP for your whole company. Human Resource, Payroll, CRM Sales Management, Budget, Inventory, Point of Sales, Customer Portal, Staff Portal, Finance, Online Payment, Automated Billing, Purchasing and many other advance modules.

Manage your company from anywhere

Your team can operate the company from anywhere, anytime, from laptop or your mobile. It increases your response rate and team efficiency tremendously.


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We help you to manage your company from anywhere you are
and automate repetitive processes so you can focus on your core business.

OfficeCentral is the key to your success..

OfficeCentral is an online cloud-based ERP solution suitable for SMEs and large organizations to help you to manage your company's data more efficiently and effectively from wherever you are.

OfficeCentral ERP allows an organization like yours to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and streamline your processes, automate many back office functions - including human resources, payroll, accounting, finance, sales and more. This saves a lot of time and man-hours so you can focus on your core business. Many companies have recorded increased productivity, employees satisfaction and growth upon implementing OfficeCentral.

  • Save time
  • Reduced unnecessary spending
  • Automate processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employees satisfaction
  • Business growth

OfficeCentral ERP Cloud solutions has been used by many SMEs from various industries since 2011. OfficeCentral has complete modules including Accounting, Finance, Budget, Investment, Procurement, Human Resources, Payroll, CRM, POS, Inventory and Assets Management. OfficeCentral ERP modules are designed modular-based too, which means, if you require only one of the modules, we can provide them to you too.

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Ir Aziz Ismail, CEO of Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd, developer of OfficeCentral

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How to get Maximum Benefits by using OfficeCentral
to help you grow your business.

ERP for SMEs

Help SMEs to manage and operate their company efficiently using an integrated system where previously only large companies and multinationals could afford.

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ERP for Government Agencies SAGA

Help Government Agencies and Companies to manage and operate their company efficiently using an integrated system where it is compliance to SAGA requirements.

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It is important to have an effective and efficient manufacturing process, for you to increase your company's productivity and growth.

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Human Resources Management

Manage employees' data with ease, all in one place. Save papers and save time on documentation and approval process! With a good HRMS system, you will be able to increase your employees' satisfaction too!

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Payroll Management

OfficeCentral Payroll helps to simplify your payroll processes. We also automatically calculate all the statutory contributions for you automatically - so you can comply with ease!

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With OfficeCentral Accounting, you can now generate your accounting reports automatically and access your financial data from anywhere, anytime you need.

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Customer Relationship Management

Manage your customers information, engage with your customers and view your customers' historical data all at one place. Increase customers' satisfaction with OfficeCentral CRM.

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Point of Sales (POS)

OfficeCentral Point-of-Sales (POS) is available on cloud, allowing you to be able to view your shops' sales and stocks, without even having to wait for your shops to send closing reports to you. Isn't that great?

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Procurement helps you to monitor and manage your procurement process more efficiently and effectively.

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KPI Management

KPI Management help you to manage and track your employees' KPIs and your business KPIs to ensure that you can achieve your targets.

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Budget Management

Do you want to track your actual data with your planned budget? OfficeCentral Budget helps you to easily create, manage and monitor your organization's budget with OfficeCentral.

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Investment Management

Let you manage your investments with ease, from wherever you are with OfficeCentral Investment Management System.

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Assets Management

Provide you with a very powerful and easy to use Assets Management module. This allows you to Register Assets, View Asset History, process depreciation and more.

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Integrated System

With OfficeCentral integrated modules, you no longer need to key in data twice. This helps you save time and resources, so that you can focus on core business!

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Business Audit

OfficeCentral Business Audit is to help diagnose your business levels, understand your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can focus on solving the real problems and grow your business.

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Easier to manage companies with multiple branches

One of our clients with multiple branches has shared with us that their employees data management has become more streamlined and easier to manage after implementing OfficeCentral.

In the past when they were not using any system, their employees had to apply leave using paper forms, and then have an administrator at each location to manage the leave applications and send their information to the HQ by email or fax. This has taken up so much time and a lot of papers, and the management at HQ is unable to get the real-time employees data at other branches due to the report is only done once a month.

Now after implementing OfficeCentral, everything is done online. Employees can apply for leave online, HQ can view any data they need online and administrators do not have to do non-productive work anymore like scanning leave forms and emailing them!

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Happy Management and Happy Employees


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"Office Central system mudah diakses dimana mana walaupun tiada di office dan sistem sangat la protect kerana mempunyai step step keselamatan sebelum ia generate ke report."

- Puan Kasnah Kuzi -
Tinta Warisan Jauhar

"Our company have been using OC for more than 5 years now. We registered the system when the government started to implement GST. We are quite satisfied with the system as we can store up and record easily our daily business, even using smart phone.
It helps a lot with preparing invoices, DO, accounting system, CRM, Finances. As for a small company like us, this system is affordable and within our budget. Everything can be stored in cloud without taking the PC storage.
Overall, I highly recommend this system to all new user whose been looking for a system that covers most aspects of our business."

- Raudhah binti Mohamad Ali -
Pekantulis Sdn Bhd

"Sistem OfficeCentral memudahkan kerja orang perakaunan kerana boleh menjana invoice, payment voucher, dan purchase order dalam satu platform. Ia juga sangat user friendly, orang yang tiada latar belakang akaun pun, boleh menggunakan sistem OfficeCentral. Harga OfficeCentral juga mampu milik terutama sekali untuk SME"

- Pn Hartini -
MHE Medical Supplies

"Sistem OfficeCentral sangat memudahkan, senang nak akses sebab boleh tengok semua sistem dalam satu platform. Ia sangat user friendly dan boleh akses di mana sahaja menggunakan telefon, laptop, tab dan komputer."

- Puan Iz Fairuz -
Alam Informasi Sdn Bhd

"OfficeCentral sangat memudahkan kerja. Semua invois dan resit dalam kawalan dan laporan senang dijana bila diperlukan."

- Siti Hidayati -
Adgen Resources Sdn Bhd

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