Who Should Attend This Training?

This course is specially designed for Top Management, Senior Managers or Executives who are involved in developing, leading and managing the implementation of performance management and measurement in the organization.

Most Businesses Have Problems In
Developing The Relevant KPIs That Drive Intended Results

That's why we started KPI Training for you!

One of the main challenges of developing a Balanced Scorecard or KPIs metrics is defining the objective that fit the strategy and specific measurements which will be most effective in guiding the organization to execute the strategy & create value for its stakeholders which is periodic performance monitoring.

Improve Cost Efficiency: Companies use a balanced scorecard to assess and improve their cost efficiency in the internal processes and growth in several key ways.

Practical Training: This practical application walks you through the Strategy and the four major areas on a balanced scorecard and an example scorecard you can use now to assess your organization.

Learning Outcomes: How can this training help your organization?

Upon completion of the training session, you will be able to:-

  1. Ability to break the strategic themes and develop strategic objectives in four perspectives - Financial, Employees, Internal Process, Customers.
  2. Construct Strategy Map template for an organization.
  3. Ability to identify key drivers of performance for this objective and the intended results.
  4. Challenge in defining and crafting the right measures to reflect the intended results.
  5. Appropiateness of targets and initiatives planning template.
  6. Analyse data more effectively.
  7. Develop a community of leaders to lead KPI Performance Review based on the Balanced Scorecard Framework.

Meet Your KPI Specialist

Rajoo Palaniappan

Certified Balanced Scorecard Specialist

P. Rajoo is an experienced management consultant in Strategic Management. He has been involved in Corporate Performance Management, involving setting strategic direction, process measurement, aligning to reward management. He has gained 20 years of experience in multinational semiconductor environment , providing strategy, process, logistic supply chain and capability performance improvement services. He was a retainer consultant in local financial institution focusing on Quality Management and design, implement and use of performance measurement systems.

P. Rajoo has experience in a wide range of industries including electronics, banking, manufacturing and more. In Balanced Scorecard Design and Project Implementation, he has 6 to 7 years of experience in developing Balanced Scorecard in USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia environment. Currently, he is appointed as Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Consultant to develop the National KPIs for the Government of Brunei. As both a practitioner and consultant, he has developed successful Performance Measurement System using Kaplan’s framework for measuring and managing the strategic plan.

Why Should You Join Our Practical KPI Training?

To Share Our Experience In Building Successful KPIs!

We can share our experience and hands-on to facilitate key people in an organization to relearn and build skill sets which can utilize the tools of BSC Framework or KPIs in executing the STRATEGIES and PERFORMANCE MONITORING and ANALYSIS.

In this training, you will be able to:-

  1. Break the strategic themes and develop strategic objectives in the four perspectives.
  2. Construct Strategy Map template for the agency or organisation.
  3. Ability to identify key drivers of performance for any objectives.
  4. Challenge in defining and crafting the right measures to reflect the intended results.
  5. Appropriateness of targets and initiatives.
  6. Analyse data more effectively.
  7. Develop a community of leaders to lead KPI Performance Review or (Issue, Implementation, Action, Accountability) IIAA Framework.

To Help You Choosing The Right Objective.

Choosing the right objective and measures can have a significant impact on how your performance measurement strategy gets translated into a balanced set of indicators. Given the uniqueness of each organization, the types of measures that are valued vary drastically.

This practical training will address how to identify and develop measures that are able to capture the targets to drive the performance of the organization. The core focus areas to guide the participants in the workshop to address scorecard challenges & solutions

  1. Strategy and Operationalize the Balanced Scorecard at three levels of the agency or organisation.
  2. Best Practice Measure KPI Development
  3. We will provide workshop exercises

Course Details: What Will You Learn in This KPI Training?

We have designed the learning contents in modules. In every module, we facilitate the practice learning with real life examples.

1st Day Training

Click on each module to expand & see more details.

  • Module 1: Knowledge Review In Subject Matters

    Strategy & Where Does the Balanced Scorecard Fit In?
    1. What is Strategy & Strategic Planning Process is all about?
    - Setting Strategic Direction……Making choices what the organization need to do to achieve its Vision and Mission
    - Strategic results/ Strategic themes. Critical Areas of Focus
    2. Breaking into operational terms (A Set of Strategic Objectives to reflect Strategic Themes)
    3. Performance & Measurement
    4. Effective Data Analysis
    5. How KPI Fit In? Finding the correct KPIs for your organization.

  • Module 2: Scorecard Challenges & Solutions

    Strategic Themes, Objectives & Maps
    - Identify Strategic Objectives in the perspectives
    - Ability to link & communicate the cause/ effect relationship…..How and What if
    Tiers in KPIs (Strategic Level, Operational Level & Individual Level objectives)?
    - Are your KPIs focus on strategic intended results?

  • Module 3: Definition & Expectations

    Strategic Themes. Validating & Developing Strategy Map
    1. Agency Strategy in Four Perspectives
    - Outcome Perspective
    - Select Drivers in the Internal Business Processes
    - Enablers

    2. Develop Template for the Agency. Strategy Map (Cause/Effect Relationship)
    - Show relationship between internal process perspectives & outcome perspectives
    - Objective Owners

  • Module 4: Deep Understanding of the Four Components in Each Perspective

    Scorecard Challenges & Solutions
    1. Objectives
    2. Measures
    3. Targets
    4. Initiatives

2nd Day Training

Click on each module to expand & see more details.

  • Module 5: Discussing the Areas of Focus, Strategic Themes & Affinity Mapping

    Balanced Scorecard Translate Strategy into Operational Terms
    1. Strategy: Operational Efficiency
    2. The Balanced Scorecard & the Four Components
    3. Build a Strategy Map
    4. Writing Objective Statement

  • Module 6: Finding the Right KPIs for Your Intended Objectives

    Crafting Performance Measures
    1. Organization understanding of the set of key performance indicators
    - Strategic and Operational Measures
    - State the intended results to achieve in each perspective

    2. How to Identify Key Areas for Measurement?
    - Outcome (Financial/Customer)
    - Drivers in the internal business process
    - Organizational Capability

  • Module 7: Learning the process of Target Setting

    - Purpose
    - Criteria for Targets
    - Stretch Targets
    - Method for Setting Target

    Initiatives: Close Strategic Performance Gaps
    - Identify initiatives to achieve strategic objectives
    - Selection process
    - Prioritization
    - Template
    - Evaluate Performance/Reporting

    Practice: Discuss challenges and Solutions

    Workshop 2: Reporting & Effective Data Analysis

    - How Analysis Differs from Reporting?
    - Performance Analysis: Process (Collection, Analysis, Presentation)
    - Target Data is Analysed (Why and Why Not Met)
    - Initiative Data is Analysed to Understand Why or Why Not on Plan

    IIAA Analysis Framework: Score Card Review Process in the Organization

  • Module 8: Learning to Identify, Select Initiatives and Setting Priorities

    1.Mapping and prioritising initiatives

    2. Designing initiative template
    - Initiatives description
    - Strategic impact
    - Resources allocation requirements
    - Key skills in implementation
    - Risk Assessment and Mitigation


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