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As a business owner, have you ever encountered these problems before?

kurang bantuan dari segi geran atau pinjaman

Less access to financial aid whether it is from matching grants or loans due to insufficient or no sales records required?

susah rekod jualan secara manual

Have difficulties in recording sales in more detail?

tak ada terminal untuk terima bayaran melalui kad

Loss of profit just because your business cannot accept payment via Debit / Credit card?

risau wang jualan dicuri

Vulnerable to losing cash or the risk of being robbed when using paper money for sales transactions?

Introducing Pakej Digital Penjaja
Get It Through Geran Digital Penjaja MADANI!

Through this grant, you can get your hands on our OfficeCentral Cloud POS & Cashless Terminal at no extra cost! You only need to pay RM 100 for the Cashless Terminal deployment.

Pakej Digital Penjaja flyer

cloud-based solution

1 Year Subscription of OfficeCentral POS for 1 user

integration modules

1 OfficeCentral POS Online Training Session

automation process

1 Year Subscription of Cashless Terminal for 1 Unit

*Terms & Conditions Apply

With Only Only RM 100, You Can Start Accepting Cashless Payments For Your Business

Get MORE For LESS! Other benefits include:

Generate Sales Records & Reports Automatically

OfficeCentral POS allows you to record sales and generate reports in an organized manner. Organized reports make it easy for you to apply for grant and loan assistance when you need it.

Increases Your Business's Point-Of-Sales

Increase your sales by allowing your customers to pay using Debit and Credit Cards easily!

Reduce Risk of Theft / Loss of Money

Payments made will be stored directly into your account, making it safe from theft or eliminate receiving counterfeit cash.

Helps Make Your Work More Organized

No longer you need to worry about manually insert sales data & transactions. The system does it for you and automatically recorded in a statement.


Are You Eligible To Apply For This Grant?

You MUST to meet these criteria below:-

  • MSMEs must be street traders, operating either permanent or temporary stalls, or traveling between locations to sell goods including food and beverages.
  • The owner of the company and any partners must be Malaysian citizens.
  • Must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) / Local Authority / District Council..
  • Cannot be a recipient of both MSME Digital Grant MADANI & Geran Digital Penjaja MADANI.
  • The SME must not have received any previous Digitization Matching Grant.
kelayakan untuk memohon geran penjaja madani

What Are The Documents Required?

  • Individual Identification: A copy of the identity card (IC) or passport of the director/partner/owner.
  • Business Identification: Business registration document / SSM business profile, Business License from Local Authority / Operating Permit / License from District Council where applicable.
  • Business Identification: Latest two months bank statement.
  • Invoice: Invoice/quote issued by Digitalisation Partner.
  • Other Documents: Latest electricity bill/water bill.
dokumen yang diperlukan untuk memohon
OfficeCentral - Your Business's Comprehensive ERP Software

Unlock Your Business Performance Growth Potential With OfficeCentral!

OfficeCentral is an online cloud-based ERP solution suitable for SMEs and large organizations. It helps you manage your company data more efficiently and effectively from wherever you are. OfficeCentral ERP allows you to use an integrated application system to manage your business and streamline processes, automating many back office functions - including Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Customer Relationship Management, Point of Sale and more!

  • Automate repetitive daily tasks & processes.
  • Reduce unnecessary & unwanted expenses.
  • Scales and grow with your business.
  • Increase the productivity of your employees.
  • Ensures high satisfaction to your employees & customers.
  • Encouraging employee upskilling & your business growth.
OfficeCentral boleh membantu dalam menjayakan perniagaan anda