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OfficeCentral Online Coaching Services, helps you to not only train your team but to also handhold them to start using OfficeCentral and utilizes the system effectively. This will help to further equipe your team are equipped with the knowledge and skills to run your business processes with OfficeCentral effectively.

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What's In It For You?

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Real-time Online Coaching

Live online coaching sessions are more effective than pre-recorded coaching sessions. Our online coaching session provides you step-by-step learning process and if you encounter any problems, you can directly communicate or ask questions to our coach, ensuring comprehensive understanding of each processes.

online coaching hand holds you towards using OfficeCentral

Hand-holding Coaching Program for Your Success

We want you to be successful in implementing OfficeCentral at your company. Therefore, our Coach provides handholding to ensure that you and your team knows how to start using OfficeCentral - and of course, implementing OfficeCentral in your business. Our coach will help to monitor your transactions and ensure that you are effectively implementing OfficeCentral at your company.

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Save Travel Time & Cost

No need to spend your expenses on travel because coaching sessions are done online. You can simply attend the coaching sessions in the comfort of your home or wherever your favourite places are.

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What Do You Get in This Online Coaching?

staff process salaries


2 Online Coaching Sessions per month. Includes Setup of Accounting System and Process Salary. Coach will also do weekly checking for all transactions.
staff process financial report


2 Online Coaching Sessions per month. Process Bank Reconciliation & Process Financial Reports. Coach will also do weekly checking for all transactions.


2 Online Coaching Sessions per month. Process and read financial reports, which is to be presented by Client. Coach will also do weekly checking for all transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online OfficeCentral Coaching Package
Online OfficeCentral Coaching Package will be held via Google Meet.
Online OfficeCentral Coaching Package is best suited for customers who are new to the OfficeCentral system or needs to learn more about other functions/modules in the OfficeCentral system.
Online OfficeCentral Coaching Package will be held for 3 months with 2 sessions each month and each session duration is 1 hour 30 minutes.


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Come and let's hear about OfficeCentral from OfficeCentral users themselves!

The OfficeCentral system is very convenient, easy to access because it can view all systems on one platform. It is very user-friendly and accessible anywhere using smartphones, laptops and computers.

Puan Iz Fairuz


OfficeCentral makes it easy. All invoices and receipts are under control and reports are easily generated when needed

Siti Hidayati


The OfficeCentral system is easy to access anywhere even without the office and the system, it is very much protected because it has a security step before it is generated to report.

Puan Kaznah Kuzi


OfficeCentral is the best system for SMEs because OfficeCentral is a simple one stop solution system that helps entrepreneurs to manage the business performance and results that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Office Management Solutions all in one place.

Puan Faridah Hanif


Our company have been using OfficeCentral for more than 5 years now. We registered the system when the government started to implement GST. We are quite satisfied with the system as we can store up and record easily our daily business, even using a smartphone.

It helps a lot with preparing invoices, DO, accounting system, CRM, and Finances. As for a small company like us, this system is affordable and within our budget. Everything can be stored in cloud without taking the PC storage.

Overall, I highly recommend this system to all new user whose been looking for a system that covers most aspects of our business

Raudhah Mohamad Ali


The OfficeCentral system makes accounting work easier as it can generate invoices, payment vouchers, and purchase orders in one platform. It is also very user-friendly, even people with no account background can use the OfficeCentral system. OfficeCentral prices are also affordable especially for SMEs.

Puan Kartini