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OfficeCentral HRMS

Integrated Masjid Solution

OfficeCentral Mika is one of the solution created by the leading Malaysian ERP solutions for SMEs, Government Agencies, NGOs and Social Organisation. It integrates the SME solution, zakat solution and donation platform in one easy to use system.

The integrated design means that all your masjid and surau operations are integrated efficiently. Information is available instantly and no need double data entry. Automation is provided to increase efficiency significantly.

Integrated System

Discover how an integrated system helps you manage your masjid and surau much more easily and efficiently. Discover how instant data sharing helps improve operation responsiveness. Discover how accounting automation reduce manual data entry to a minimum. Discover how you can manage your masjid or organisation easily with little accounting knowledge.

Integrated System

Access from anywhere

You can travel to anywhere or work from home and yet you are always a click away from your organisation operation. You can view information, approve certain process, give instruction or analyse your operation from anywhere, anytime.

Access from anywhere

Mobile Responsive

Use your mobile phone to manage your business from anywhere. You will see how the display on your mobile phone makes it easy to manage your organization operation without using the laptop.

Mobile Responsive

Role Management System

Your committee members and the qariah members will see different modules and authorise to do different things. Different category will have different responsibility and authority and what they can see or do.

Powerful Role Management System

Responsive Customer Support

We provide you and your staff with multi channels of support. We provide hundreds of support videos to explain various details of the modules and process. We answer hundreds of typical questions in FAQ website which is updated with new questions and answers all the time. You have online chat with our support staff directly from the system. We also use automation to record your support request via our support e-mail channel.

Responsive Customer Support

Server Security

We provide server configuration to give you the highest security and performance. We use different servers for web server, database server, application server and back up server to give you the maximum efficiency and security.

Server Security

Database Backup

We understand your worry about data loss. We provide data back up in the standard package. We back up the data in the same datacentre and also in another location. This prevents impact of server failure in one location to effect our data.

Database Backup

Powerful Modules

There are many powerful features in OfficeCentral Mika that will help you to manage your organisation
more effectively and efficiently. Here we list some of the main features available in OfficeCentral ERP for Government Agencies SAGA.


Use the power of OfficeCentral “Mika” Accounting features that is designed with easy to use concept. You can immediately manage your account even when you are not from accounting background. Do the transactions and the reports are automatically generated for you.


Manage your revenue easily from the system. You can use preconfigured revenue category for masjid/surau to speed up the configuration.


Manage your expenses easily from the system. You can use preconfigured expenses category for masjid/surau to speed up the configuration.

Bank Reconciliation

Upload your bank transaction report into the Accounting module and let OfficeCentral Mika do the bank reconciliation automatically. Mika will automatically create the accounting transaction if the bank transactions are noy yet updated into the accounting system.

Online Payment

You can configure online Payment Gateway for your masjid or surau or other organisation from the OfficeCentral “Mika”. We provide API that link the creation of your Payment Gateway seamless to ToyyibPay. You can immediately start receiving online payment.

Monthly Fees

Manage your monthly fees by using the OfficeCentral Mika. Set the amount and the frequency, and the system will do the rest. Members can use the Online Payment to pay the fees. The Accounting transactions is automatically done by Mika.

Jumaat Donation

Manage your Jumaat donation collection using Mika. Qariah members can do Friday donation online from wherever they are or when they visit the Masjid/surau using their mobile. The accounting transaction is automatically generated by OfficeCentral Mika.

Ramadan Donation

Manage your Ramadan donation collection using Mika. Qariah members can donate online from wherever they are or when they visit the Masjid/surau using their mobile. The accounting transaction is automatically generated and categorised by OfficeCentral Mika.

General Donation

Manage your General donation collection using Mika. Qariah members can pay online from wherever they are or when they visit the Masjid/surau using their mobile. The accounting transaction is automatically generated and categorised by OfficeCentral Mika.

Special Donations

You may have many other donation initiatives in your masjid or surau. Create the donation initiative and start collection using Mika. Qariah members can donate online from wherever they are or when they visit the Masjid/surau using their mobile. The accounting transaction is automatically generated and categorised by OfficeCentral Mika.

Khairat Kematian

Most Masjid/surau will have Khairat Kematian initiative to assist in expenses during funeral of deceased qariah members. OfficeCentral Mika will help you manage the Khairat Kematian in terms of members database, fees collection, online payment, payment to waris and members management.


Most masjid and surau will handle Qurban during Hariraya Aidil Adha. The OfficeCentral Mika will manage the registration of participants, online payments, the management of proper portions and the certificates.


Most Masjid and Surau will have events for members like the Subuh religious study, Maghrib ceramah, invited speakers and others. Use the event module to announce to your qariah members and record the event in your database.


If you have messages to your Qariah, you can use the message module to send messages to your qariah members.


We encourage you to try the e-Commerce module. You can start selling certain products that benefit your qariah. Not only that, you will create additional revenue for your masjid/surau.

Qariah Portal

Your qariah members can login into the OfficeCentral Mika and use the online members portal. He/she can view the fees to be paid/fees payment history, view his/her donations in the various categories. He/she can click online payment to pay the monthly fees or do donation from anywhere they are. He/she can view the e-Commerce pages to view/purchase products being offered.

Better Business

Now, you can have instant, on-screen access to your list of staffs, their information and much more from anywhere you are, anytime you need them by using OfficeCentral - Malaysia online ERP for Government Agencies SAGA system. No more worries about having to go to office to get any data or having data to be sent manually via email/phone/fax. You can easily access your ERP for Government Agencies SAGA data even when you're on your overseas business trip. That's how connected you are to your company when implementing OfficeCentral.

  • picture Furthermore, with OfficeCentral, it is easier for you to manage multiple locations and branches from one system. No more having to transmit data manually via email/phone/fax.
  • picture OfficeCentral becomes your centralized data repository, allowing your staffs from different locations to access the same data, even when their offices are miles away.
  • picture This promotes team collaboration and increase productivity for teams across different regions. You can save time, reduce administrative work and increase productivity!

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