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Collect Your payment every month automatically using
e-Mandate feature

Make it easy for you to collect payment. No need to issue invoice. No need to remind your customers. No need to call your customers to remind them. Our collaboration with Bank Islam allows you to receive payment from your customers automatically. It could be monthly payments that your customers need to pay you.

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Traditionally you need to Issue Invoice to your customers. You issue invoice, you remind your customer to make payment and you wait for the payment. It takes many hours of staff time. It costs you a lot of money. When you use VenturePay e-Mandate, it solves all your problems. No need to issue invoice. No need to call payment reminder. No need to employ staff to remind your customers about payment.

VenturePay e-Mandate will help you automate Receiving Payment. Your customer will authorize the e-Mandate for the collection, for example, the amount to be collected every month, and on what date. This special feature comes from special collaboration between VenturePay and Bank Islam. The bank will help you collect the payment. The system will automatically update the customer account in the CRM sales. The system will automatically send the receipt to the customer.

When you use the Automated Accounting feature, the OfficeCentral will automatically update the payment status, the receipt is automatically generated, the Customer Portal is automatically updated. The accounting debit and credit is automatically done. The Accounting Reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, General Ledger and others will immediately be generated.

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