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OfficeCentral HR is an all-in-one complete Human Resources Management Solution to help you manage your HR matters more effectively and efficiently from wherever you are.

cloud-based solution

Cloud-Based Solution

Let your IT resources have more freedom in innovating and helping your business grow without any worry about local servers. Access anywhere, anytime with automatic updates.

cloud-based solution

Mobile Attendance App

Have remote or field employees? Allow your employees to check in and out with our Mobile Attendance App with GPS location!

cloud-based solution

Fingerprint Attendance Device

Do you prefer to use fingerprint attendance device? Get one now with real-time transfer to cloud.

cloud-based solution

Time Attendance Module

Let us help you track your employees' tardiness and automatically produce attendance reports for better decision making.

cloud-based solution

Leave Management Module

OfficeCentral Leave Management helps you to streamline the process of managing employee leave requests with flexible approval workflow.

cloud-based solution

Payroll Software

Save time and resources by automating your payroll process and automatically generate statutory forms, reports and payroll analytics for your organization.

cloud-based solution

Movements Management Module

Do you have employees that need to travels around? We provide Movements Management to track their movements. Integrated with the Claims Management module.

cloud-based solution

Claims Management Module

Claims are easily submitted and tracked, with multiple categories and limit tracking.

cloud-based solution

Advances Management Module

Easily track your employees' advances, payments and balances using OfficeCentral Advances Management.

cloud-based solution

Timesheets Management Module

Helps you save time by automating time tracking process. Able to compute project costs such as man-hours and costs spent based on projects and activities.

cloud-based solution

KPI Management Module

Help to ensure your organization's goals and objectives are clearly defined and aligned, with continuous tracking and automated reports and analytics.

cloud-based solution

Performance Appraisal Management Module

Easily appraise your employees with 360 appraisal method with automatically generated reports and analytics for better decision making.

OfficeCentral Cloud HRMS is the KEY to your SUCCESS

OfficeCentral HRMS is a cloud-based HR software that has been designed for small and big business. No matter what size you are, we scale up with you so you do not need to worry about changing system later. Use OfficeCentral today to reap many of the benefits that have helped various organizations globally.

  • Save Time and Resources
  • Automation of Payroll Calculation
  • Integrates with other modules
  • Connected to cloud for data saving
  • Reduce paperwork and printing
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Employees Satisfaction
  • Compliance to local tax and laws
  • Collaboration made easy
  • No Installation Needed
  • Automated Backup
  • Business Growth
  • Local Support

OfficeCentral HRMS is a part of the whole all-in-one enterprise management suite. OfficeCentral ERP has complete modules including Accounting, Finance, Budget, Investment, Procurement, Human Resources, Payroll, CRM, POS, Inventory and Assets Management. OfficeCentral HRMS is integrated with the other modules for your ease of use.

OfficeCentral ERP modules are designed modular-based too, which means, if you require only one of the modules, we can provide them to you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose OfficeCentral HRMS?

    OfficeCentral HRMS is the leading cloud-based HR software that can automate majority of HR tasks, reducing paperwork, increasing productivity and employees satisfaction so you can focus on your core business.

  • What is OfficeCentral HRMS?

    OfficeCentral HRMS is a cloud-based HR software, which is also a part of OfficeCentral ERP solutions. You can purchase OfficeCentral HRMS modular based, or choose to grow your business with OfficeCentral ERP as a whole. OfficeCentral HRMS also comes with mobile application, available on both Android and iOS devices - allowing users to access the Staff Portal from anywhere they are, direct from the phones.

  • Do you provide support?

    Yes, we provide award-winning support to our users, including Online Chat support - directly chat with our team from inside our system! We also provide Online Help Center, Call Support and also Live Support Session where you can have an online meeting with our Support Team to assist you in your journey of implementing OfficeCentral HRMS in your organization.

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