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OfficeCentral ERP Automated Billing Module helps you to automate your billing and saves tons of time!

OfficeCentral helps you to turns all your billing problems into the past. The module will help you to automatically prepare the invoices and send them to your customers. All automatic. Save 100% of your time.

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Let the Automated Billing Module help you to significantly increase your billing department productivity. The module can save up to 100% of your billing manual tasks. Automated Billing module gives you significant savings when you have scheduled billings such as monthly bills that you need to send to your customers.

This is particularly significant for you in property management where you need to send hundreds or thousands of bills every month. It could be rental bills or maintenance bills. JMB and Management Corporation are an example where they send hundreds of maintenance services bills every months to the property owners. Automated billing module makes this job super easy. If you are running a private school or a nursery or a tadika where you need to send bills monthly to hundreds or thousands of the parents, this is the tool that you have been praying for. The same for SaaS company that need to send bills every month. The opportunities to benefit from this fantastic features are greatest for those of you who have monthly billings such as mosque, resident association, rental, lease, loan and others.

The Billing Module allows you to build your quotations, issue invoice and generate the receipt of payment. This is a special extension to the standard CRM module that handles the standard sales process from quotation, order acceptance, delivery order, invoice and receipt.

The Automated Billing is associated with another one of OfficeCentral powerful solution called the Customer Portal. The Automated Billing module will send the bills to the customer e-mails as well as to the Customer Portal. Customers can log in and view the invoices online. They can even look at the previous invoices from the Customer Portal.

In the Customer Portal, you can install the Online Payment feature. Your customers can view the bills and click the online payment. The process of payment is easy to follow process. Your customer can pay from any bank account or from any credit cards. Contact is if you want to install the Online Payment feature.

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