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Budget management is the process of managing and tracking revenue and expenses. Organizations often have budgets for individual departments and overall organization's budget. Departmental managers are frequently responsible for managing their department's budget.

With OfficeCentral Budget Management, you can easily manage and track your organization's revenue and expenses from anywhere you are. You can develop your budget to be as detail as you like. When you manage your organization, budget is one of the key data that you need to always monitor. Without budget data, you would be in the dark on where you are now. Are you on track? Have you overspent? Are you in trouble?

One of the key benefits of using OfficeCentral Budget Management, is that it is integrated with the other modules. As an example, when your staffs submit claims, they can select which budget it is from. If the budget is exhausted, the system will control and no longer allow them to submit claim from the selected budget. This will help you to ensure that no overspending beyond the budget allocated.

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Now you can get access to your company’s data and budget management from anywhere you are via any devices such as your PC at the office, your laptop at home and even your mobile phone when you are on the go. Faster decision making.

Go Paperless

Go green! With everything online, you’d use less paper and everything is within your reach through your laptop, computer and mobile phone.

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Easier Collaboration

With OfficeCentral Budget Management Module, now your team can easily collaborate to ensure that the all expenses are within the budget allocated. With the integrated modules within OfficeCentral, this makes it a breeze as they can select the budget when they submit claims, advances, issuing purchase order and more! This will make budget booking and usage real-time. No more overspending due to late data update.


In OfficeCentral Budget Management, we aim to automate manual processes as many as possible including automatically generated reports and dashboards. You can easily view the budget allocation, booking and usage at anytime you need.

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With the centralized data, everyone in charge will be able to know the budget allocation and status. Therefore, should any issue is raised, this will help you to be able to solve the issues earlier rather than later. All data is shared across modules, therefore enabling transparency in budgets management and monitoring.

Secured Infrastructure

Our cloud-based software puts owners and managers in complete control over business information. With the secure account and data backups, you get peace of mind over the safety of your data.


OfficeCentral Budget Management System Features

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Budget Application

Your employees can apply for budgets based on department(s). They can develop and build the budget figures for the next period.

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Budget Revision

Do you need to revise your budget? In OfficeCentral Budget Management, you can easily revise your budget by adding or reducing the budget as you require. You can finalize the numbers here.

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Budget Virements

Do you need to transfer budget(s) from one department to another? No problem, you can simply use the Budget Virements module in OfficeCentral Budget to process this.

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Budget Codes

Each budget item have their own codes and these codes are linked to the chart of account. You can manage the budget booking, budget used and budget balance via the codes.

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Budget Periods

In OfficeCentral Budget Management, you can have multiple periods to manage your budgets. You can set this either as yearly, or even monthly/quarterly basis depending on your requirements. With this setup, you can manage your spending against the budget allocated for the budget period.

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The dashboard will give you fast and easy visualisation on your budget set, booked, used and budget balance in graphic displays.

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Integrated with Other Modules

OfficeCentral Budget is integrated with other modules such as procurement and claims. Allowing you to easily manage and monitor your budgets.

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Automatic Transactions

Your staffs can choose the budget that they would like to use for the purchases/claims. Once approved, the amount will be deducted from the specific budget.

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