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We automate the audit such that the you can answer the audit questions online, getting instant result and speeding up the recovery with minimum cost and time by focussing on what is required.

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OfficeCentral Business Audit

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The business doctor will help you identify the sickness and work together with you to come up with the solution. The “Business Audit System” will automate many questions and audits such that the entrepreneurs can answer the questions online. The specialist will use the audit results to analyse and work together with you to come up with the best action plan.

The audit result will enable the specialist and the entrepreneur to focus on the problem area, thus speeding up the recovery with minimum cost and time. The system is divided into eight modules.

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Measuring the EQ of the entrepreneur

This is crucial to understand the emotional intelligence of what and why of the entrepreneurs.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Business Model of the Entrepreneur

This is to enable the specialist to understand more about the business. In the second module, the questions also cover the legal and regulation compliance of the company.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space

Human Resource Angle

Human resource plays a critical role in the growth of the company. Weakness in human resource will have impact on sales, support, product development and thus affects company growth.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily


A strong leadership will be able to lead the company to the growth path. Weakness in leadership will cause various problems within the company.

Manage Data Efficiently


Marketing is key activities to get customers and thus company sales growth. Weakness in marketing will slow down the company growth, even when the product is very promising.

Easily Search Data Anytime You Need


Financial monitoring and control is critical to enable the company to grow. Some companies with good products failed due to weakness in financial management.

Automate Processes and Save Time!

Operation & Manufacturing

In the long run, the growth of the company will require the expansion of manufacturing and the efficient company operation.

Integrated with Other OfficeCentral ERP Modules

Research & Development

Many companies failed to put resources on product improvement such that the product easily lost to competitors. No improvement will make our product obsolete and easily overtaken by our competitors.

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Module 1: Entrepreneur Character: EQ

Entrepreneur character plays a major role in the way he thinks and acts. The EQ module covers the important domain and trains related to entrepreneurship.

The domain covered are:

  • picture   Self Awareness

  • picture   Self Regulation

  • picture   Self Motivation

  • picture   Empathy

  • picture   Social Skill

The domains will cover the following traits:

  • picture   Initiative

  • picture   Steadfastness

  • picture   Success Orientation

  • picture   Commitment

  • picture   Information Searching

  • picture   Quality Centric

  • picture   Efficiency Centric

  • picture   Persuasion

  • picture   Self confidence

  • picture   Taking Opportunity


  • picture   Taking risks

  • picture   Internal control

  • picture   Team work

  • picture   Systematic planning

  • picture   Solving problem

  • picture   Influence strategy

  • picture   Creativity

  • picture   Leadership

  • picture   Flexibility

  • picture   Innovativeness

The good thing about EQ is that it can be improved by training and coaching. By knowing the weakness in certain EQ, the entrepreneur can focus on improving the relevant traits.

Module 2: Business Model

Many entrepreneurs start the business on adhoc basis. They do not think deeply of the proper business model. This module will audit the business model and the thinking behind it.

Module 3: Legal and Compliance

Business requires compliance to certain government regulations. The module will identify the compliance to the various government regulations.

Module 4: Business Management

Managing the business correctly will contribute to the success of business. Many entrepreneurs do not follow the correct business management techniques and resulting in business failure. The Business Management covers the following:

  • picture   Business Planning
  • picture   Organising Operation
  • picture   Leading the Business
  • picture   Controlling the Business

Module 5: Human Resource

Human resource plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. Human resource with the right skill and motivation will provide the foundation for company growth. The following are the areas in human resource that are covered:

  • picture   Recruitment
  • picture   Work Analysis
  • picture   Manpower Planning
  • picture   New Staff Orientation
  • picture   Training and development
  • picture   Staff Reward
  • picture   KPI
  • picture   Staff Growth
  • picture   Staff Relation

Module 6: Leadership

Leadership is critical for the growth of the company. A strong leadership will lead the staff and the company to success. A weak leadership may bring the company to failure. The module will focus on the following aspect:

  • picture   Maturity
  • picture   Future vision
  • picture   High Performance
  • picture   Delegation
  • picture   Staff development
  • picture   Developing commitment
  • picture   Increasing target
  • picture   Leading change

Module 7: Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. A good product but with weak sales and marketing will not sell. Entrepreneurs must look at the marketing and sales aspect to ensure the growth of the company. The module focus on the following:

  • picture   Marketing vision
  • picture   Segmentation
  • picture   Integrated development
  • picture   Branding
  • picture   Pricing
  • picture   Promotion
  • picture   Packaging
  • picture   Services
  • picture   Internet Marketing

Module 8: Manufacturing and Operation

Manufacturing and Operation is the heart of the product growth. A strong manufacturing and efficient operation will contribute to the growth of the company. The following aspects will be taken care of:

  • picture   Manufacturing
  • picture   Operation
  • picture   Product Quality
  • picture   Customer Acceptance

Module 9: Research and Development

When we produce product, the need to continuously improving it is of paramount importance. The product may become obsolete or overtaken by the competitor due to technology change, customer preference change or due to new method. The following will be measured:

  • picture   The need for R&D
  • picture   Mission of R&D
  • picture   Govt Incentives Available
  • picture   Training for R&D

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