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OfficeCentral CRM is one of the leading Malaysia online customer relationship management sotware to help you grow your business by managing your sales processes more efficiently. This will help you to improve your sales and increase your revenue.

By using OfficeCentral CRM, your sales team can save your clients' data online for future reference, track historical relationship data, issue invoices and more! They can also submit meetings information online so you can easily track your staffs' interaction and communications with your customers online from wherever you are. By using OfficeCentral CRM, you can effectively monitor your sales team progress and track achievements all at one place

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Boost Sales

With OfficeCentral CRM, you can identify, nurture, and follow up on quality leads. This means that you don't waste time and resources on a prospect that probably won't become a customer.

Efficient Business Process

Help your team stay productive by defining and building efficient processes for your business. OfiiceCentral CRM can help you ensure that standards are followed while processes are executed.

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Tactical Decision Making

OfficeCentral CRM gives your decision makers accurate data from across your organization using analytics and reports so they can react to market trends with better decisions.

Data Security and Compliance

You can rest assured that your customer data is safe in OfficeCentral CRM data centers, safeguarded by top-of-the-line physical and digital security mechanisms.

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Mobile Accessibility

OfficeCentral CRM mobile ensures that your team has access to important CRM data, no matter where they are. A sales rep in the field can pull up information about nearby customers or drop by for a meeting on the go.

Better Customer Satifaction

OfficeCentral CRM arms your team with all the historical data of a customer, enabling your team to retrieve any information they need to serve the customers well. We also have customer portal for customer self-service to view the quotations, invoices and receipts issued to tham. Isn't great?

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Convert More Leads, Engage with Customers and Grow Your Revenue

OfficeCentral Cloud CRM is a modern customer relationship management system that helps your business to transform.

With advanced features like leads intelligence, centralized customers database and relationship data, it's never been easier to manage your customers data and convert leads into revenue.

Keep your customers close

OfficeCentral CRM is the easiest way to keep all of your customers data in one place and always available.

Stop wasting time searching for old emails, lost contracts, documents and more.

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Automate your invoicing process

Too busy to manually send out receipts? With OfficeCentral CRM Customer Portal, now you can provide Customer Portal to your customers which they can login whenever they want, you can accept payments online and let the system automatically generate the receipts for you!

Powerful Modules

There are many powerful features in OfficeCentral CRM that will help you to manage your customers more effectively and efficiently. Here we list some of the main features available in OfficeCentral CRM.

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Leads Management

Here you can manage your leads information and data, and also manage your leads progress status. You can add more information, add notes, assign to salesperson and more.

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Accounts Management

With accounts management, you can track your customers' information and data, plus tracking their historical purchases and forecast incoming revenue.You can also add notes, phone call summary, record a meeting with them and more.

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Potentials Management

Within the Potentials Management, you can manage potential projects and sales opportunities all at one place. You can also view the Sales Forecast automatically generated by the potentials' and opportunities' information.

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Invoicing Management

With Invoicing Management, you and your team can efficiently issue quotations, order acceptance, invoices, receipts, automatically generated reference numbers and more.

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Pricebook Management

You can also manage your pricebook information, prices, inventory and more. In this module, you can manage your products' and service prices, inventory, stocks level and more.

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Auto-generated Dashboards and Reports

All the sales dashboards and reports are automatically generated by the system, reducing your time spent on producing reports manually. Now you can see your company's sales activities and revenue generated instantly instead of waiting for reports. Isn't that great?

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Settings & Configurations

When the inventory data is interface to Sales team, it allows the sales team to run at optimum level. They will know the amount of stock and avoid promising wrong delivery time when there is no stock. The sales system is normally called the Customer Relationship management (CRM) module. Product sales, invoice and delivery is manage by the CRM module.

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Integrated with OfficeCentral Accounting and Automated Accounting

OfficeCentral CRM is integrated with OfficeCentral Accounting, and able to do Automated Accounting in oder to instantly generate accounting transactions when your sales team issue invoices and receipts from CPM without having to do manual data entry. Now you can generate accounting reports fast.

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Salesperson KPI

OfficeCentral CRM has a dashboard of each salesperson where the KPT of each salesperson will be shown. This KPI can content in terms of quotations, invoices, meeting receipts, leads, communications and etc.

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Meetings Management

OfficeCentral Meetings Management system helps to plan and guide team meetings to make sure meetings are productive and focused. It also provides tools such as consensus trackers, agenda creators and minutes recorders that make productive meetings easier.

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Inventory Management

When a sales is completed, the inventory will automatically be updated based on the quantity sold. This allows you to track inventory real-time. You can also keep the record of your product inside the Pricebook, and monitor the Stock by Location or Overall and Inventory Transaction that are up-to-date.

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CRM Mobile App

CRM mobile app focuses on the CRM functionalities, such as the leads and customers database; and the sales invoicing processes. Users may generate quotations or invoices directly from the mobile app and be able to print them up wirelessly. So, salesperson, why wait?

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Customer Portal

OfficeCentral Customer Portal is a easy way for your business to allow your customer to log in to your customer portal and view their data. You can easily use OfficeCentral instead of using your own security mechanisms and authentication.

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Send Bulk Emails Online

OfficeCentral Bulk Emails Online makes it easy to create special promotions, announcements, wishes and so on, provide information to your customers, promote your upcoming webinars and announcing new products and more

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Inventory Management

When a sales is completed, the inventory will automatically be updated based on the quantity sold. This allows you to track inventory real-time. You can also keep the record of your product inside the Pricebook, and monitor the Stock by Location or Overall and Inventory Transaction that are up-to-date.

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Send Bulk SMS

OfficeCentral Bulk SMS makes it easy to create your personalized message, announce promotions and offers to your customers, send by categories or specific group, fast delivery with 2G network, stay connected with your customers, and credit SMS also can be topop in OfficeCentral.

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OfficeCentral ERP CRM - Sales Automation

Your sales staff will only take seconds to prepare the quotation, delivery order, invoice and generating the receipts by using the Sales Automation process.

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OfficeCentral ERP CRM - Scheduled Invoice

You can generate the invoice automatically every month. Your sales team save a lot of time by using this automation.

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