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Integrated ERP SAGA Solution

OfficeCentral ERP for SMEs is one of the leading Malaysian online ERP solutions for companies and organizations. The integrated design means that all your business operations in your company are integrated efficiently.

Information is available instantly and no need double data entry. Automation is provided to increase efficiency significantly.

Perakaunan Automatik untuk Jualan Pengurusan Pelanggan (CRM)

Integrated System

Discover how an integrated system helps you manage your company much more easily and efficiently. Discover how instant data sharing helps improve operation responsiveness. Discover how accounting automation reduce manual data entry to a minimum.

Access from Anywhere

You can travel to anywhere and yet you are always a click away from your business operation. Make your business travel as part of your uninterrupted business operation. You can view information, approve certain process, give instruction or analyse your business from anywhere, anytime.

Perakaunan Automatik untuk Jual Beli
Perakaunan Automatik untuk Kewangan

Mobile Responsive

Use your mobile phone to manage your business from anywhere. You will see how the display on your mobile phone makes it easy to manage your company operation.

Powerful Role Management System

Different staff will have different responsibility and authority and what they can see or do. Use the Role management module to manage your staff access to the system.

Perakaunan Automatik untuk Gaji
Perakaunan Automatik untuk Kos Projek

Responsive Customer Support

We provide you and your staff with multi channels of support. We provide hundreds of support videos to explain various details of the modules and process. We answer hundreds of typical questions in FAQ website which is updated with new questions and answers all the time. You have online chat with our support staff directly from the system. We also use automation to record your support request via our support e-mail channel.

Server Security

We provide server configuration to give you the highest security and performance. We use different servers for web server, database server, application server and back up server to give you the maximum efficiency and security.

Kurangkan Kertas

Database Backup

We understand your worry about data loss. We provide data back up in the standard package. We back up the data in the same datacentre and also in another location. This prevents impact of server failure in one location to effect our data.

Compliance to MPERS

We comply to the requirements of international standard in accounting specified in PERS and Malaysian standard specified in MPERS.

Kerjasama Lebih Mudah

Powerful Modules

There are many powerful features in OfficeCentral ERP for SMEs that will help you to manage your accounting more effectively and efficiently. Here we list some of the main features available in OfficeCentral ERP for SMEs.

Permohonan Bajet


Explore the power of OfficeCentral Accounting with Automated Accounting features, BI dashboards, multi-location P&L, MPERS compliance and others

Permohonan Bajet


Manage for payment and cash using this module. Finance Module is integrated to other modules like Accounting, payroll, claim, overtime, purchasing, CRM and Budget.

Penyemakan Bajet

Human Resource

Efficiently manage your staff using the OfficeCentral HR Module. You have staff profile and historical records, leave management, claim and overtime, movement, attendance including interfaces to machines, Staff Skill, Skill Gap, Training Need Analysis and training records.

Pemindahan Bajet

Staff Portal

Move your HR management to the next level. HR Module provides Self service portal where you staff can get services online. Leave, attendance, claim, overtime, payslip, apply for training, staff profile and historical records.

Kod Bajet


Manage your payroll efficiently. Integrated with government required forms and calculations like EPF, SOCSO, PSMB, EIS, Zakat and LHDN. Also prepare payment data according to various bank formats. Integrated to HR leave, claims and overtime module.

Tempoh Bajet


Manage your purchasing efficiently from Purchase Requisition, Evaluation and Issue Purchase Order. Integrated to Budget Module, Inventory, Asset and Accounting Module including Accounting Automation.

Papan Pemuka

Customer Relationship Management

Provide your sales team very powerful sales automation tools. Explore how leads and Account management module can increase your effectiveness. Use Sales KPI management to manage your sales team. Benefit from powerful Sales dashboards and Communications module.

Bersepadu dengan Modul Lain

Customer Portal

Bring your customer service level to international company level using the 24/7 online Customer Portal. Your customer can get self service in viewing your quotation, their orders, invoice and receipt for their payment. You can integrate Payment Gateway to receive payment online from your customers.


Inventory Management

Manage your inventory well using this system. Knowing your inventory transactions in detail will probably turn loss making to profitability. Use the Inventory Module to help you to analyse your transactions, what to order, how much to order and when to order.

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