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How Does KPIs fit into your organization to execute strategy?

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable metric that displays how successful a business is achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Many successful companies improve their performance by implementing KPIs where staff will focus on what matters most for the company. Do you want to be one of them?

To be successful you need to ensure the various groups of your staff perform the necessary tasks to ensure the objectives are successfully met. For example, you may have target of increasing sales orders.

  1. Do you need to train your staff on the necessary skills required to help them achieve their objectives?
  2. Is there any way to improve certain internal processes to achieve the objectives?
  3. What should businesses do to increase our customer satisfaction?

Higher customer satisfaction will result in more repeated sales thus increase sales. KPIs system can help you systematically manage the staff KPIs that will help you achieve the company objectives.

OfficeCentral KPI Management System provides you with a system that makes it easy for businesses to implement KPIs for all of your staff which can help your company to increase performance, generate sales and increase profit as well as productivity.
four kpi perspectives

KPIs are usually measured from these 4 perspectives

Set and measure the performance of your company using KPIs. This gives you a clear view of the company status and which areas need to be improved or require changes. You can view the overall performance or the various perspectives like financial, staff, customer and internal processes.


You can measure the financial performance of your company by the KPI financial indicators. The Financial KPI could be sales, profit, return on investment, investment and others. This gives you a clear view of the financial achievement/under achievement of your company. You can also zoom in to the performance of the various staff in respect to the financial targets. You should be able to analyse and take action before it is too late.

Staff / Organisation Capacity

You can measure the staff or capacity performance of your company by the KPI Staff indicators. You may want to monitor the various training activities/coaching activities to increase your staff skill and capacity to execute their jobs in high performance level. This gives you a clear view of the staff achievement/under achievement of your company. You can also zoom in to the performance of the various staff in respect to the staff capacity targets. You should be able to analyse and take action before it is too late.


You can measure the performance of your company by the KPI for Customer Indicators. This gives you a clear view of the Customer Satisfaction achievement/under achievement of your company. You can also zoom in to the performance of the various perspective in respect to the Customer targets. You could look at Overall satisfaction, product satisfaction, service satisfaction, reliability satisfaction, ease of use satisfaction and others. You should be able to analyse and take action before it is too late.

Internal Process

You can measure the Internal process performance of your company by the KPI Internal Process indicators. This gives you a clear view of the internal process achievement/under achievement of your company. You can also zoom in to the performance of the various internal process improvement targets in respect to the Internal processes targets. The target could be more efficient, shorter time, lower cost, higher reliability and others. You should be able to analyse and take action before it is too late.

Peformance Appraisals

Performance Appraisal is a vital system that provides managers with a valuable tool for managing and motivating staff. This is a complete module on staff competency appraisal. With Performance Appraisals, you can:-

  1. Choose 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees appraisal
  2. Competency appraisal on the emotional intelligence (EQ) and technical skills
  3. Evaluate the other angles such as Disciplinary Performance and Output Performance
  4. Plan activities to improve the staff competency thus performance
performance overview
emotional quotient

Emotional Intelligence Competency (EQ)

Your staff Emotional Intelligence competency plays a major role in determining whether your staff will be successful or could fail in their job. You can select which competency is required for the job. The competency could be leadership, communication skill, problem solving, solving conflict, customer service and many others.

techical competencies

Technical Competency

Your staff ability to do the job well also depends on their technical abilities to do the job. The higher the skill, the higher the chance for them to do deliver great results. Technical competency is depending on the job. For example, a programmer needs to have technical competency in programming skills such as Microsoft .NET MVC, SQL Server database, HTML programming, JavaScript and others. Technical competency could also include report writing, project management, excels in various computer software and more.

performance output

Output Performance

If you have implemented the KPI or performance monitoring, you may have covered this in the KPI evaluation especially in financial perspective. It could cover sales performance, profit and others. You may include Output performance here if you think it will capture this perspective.

discipline staff


You may want to evaluate your staff based on disciplinary angle. It could be his/her attendance, coming on time, follow company procedure and others.

staff contributions

Staff Social Contributions

Sometimes, you may want to include your staff contribution in the social sphere. This may help the company in terms of the overall community contribution. This new feature will help you track the score of your staffs' contribution and how to calculate their performance so you can get a better understanding of all the social contributions of your staff.

Why should you choose OfficeCentral KPI for your business?

kpi lets you focus on what is important

Focus on what is important

You know where to focus your attention. The staff knows what is important to the company. Our KPI system also analyses the data for you, so that you can focus on what’s important.

kpi lets you have automated reporting

Automated KPI Reporting

The KPI system will get the data from online update from your staff and build the various dashboards and reports to that will help you to do fast analysis. You get KPI data in a timely manner, so you can spend less time chasing reports from staff and more time running your business.

balance scorecard helps with performance indicator

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced scorecards give you a strategic view of your business. This will help you create an integrated strategy that will span the financial, customer, internal process, and growth perspectives.Each staff KPIs will help the other department and organization perspective KPI to finally achieve company's strategy and goals.

kpi lets you take action on the issue immediately

Measure and Take Action

Give yourself and your staff the data you need to make better decisions. OfficeCentral KPI system enables managers to measure target and goals, highlight the gap to improve performance, and take the necessary actions.

kpi lets you to benchmark staff performance

Benchmarking for Peer Staff

Increase the efficiency, productivity and performance of your team. Give your staff the chance to benchmark themselves against their peers, and see how they stack up against the competition.

you have access to the right info at the right time

Right Information at The Right Time

When you need the right information at just the right time, it’s only a click away. With our intuitive, easy to use goal management system, you can get the information you need to make the best decision for your individual or company in seconds.

Enjoy these awesome benefits when you use OfficeCentral KPI

easier access kpi

Access Anywhere and Anytime

View and update your KPI data from anywhere you are including from your handphone. With just a few tap or clicks, you can drill down to the level of data that you need and make faster decisions from the comfort of your desk. No longer do you need to wait longer only to access or managing necessary processes and configurations

Boosts Productivity

With a clear and detailed KPI targets for your team and organisations, you can focus on which tasks are a priority or what is important to perform that will help increasing the company's overall performance whether it be in terms of sales, profit and revenue.

kpi increases your produktivity
officecentral kpi has responsive ui

Responsive and Clean User Interface

OfficeCentral KPI offers a responsive and easily viewable user interface design on your personal desktops or laptops and smartphones. The clean, intuitive design will provide an accurate, easy to understand, simplicity and shareable platform for your team’s KPI metrics.

Performance Forecast

Give your staff more than just feedback. OfficeCentral KPI Management enables you to forecast what’s next by giving you the ability to view your staff performance, progress towards achieving your organization’s goals, and identify any issues early on.

forecasting your staffs' performance
collaborate made easy with officecentral kpi

Easier Collaboration

Free your team to do more important work—without the time-consuming meetings and manual excel KPI data file sharing. OfficeCentral KPI is a team performance management software that helps you collaborate with your team and clients, share information, and measure goals online.

Secured Infrastructure

The safety of your data is our number one priority. We use only the latest encryption methods to keep your account and data secure.

free-risk, high security kpi

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