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Implement many advanced automations in the system as envisaged in the IR4.0. You can benefit from the Customer Portal where your customer can log in themselves and their self service from the portal, and access your company's data anywhere and anytime!

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Manufacturing Module

Manufacturers normally sell to distributors and agents. They would have Customer Portal where they could order their products. It could be cash or credit purchase.

OfficeCentral Manufacturing from venturesmarketing

OfficeCentral Ordering Module will provide you with the following features and functions:

Customer Portal

Your customers can log in and view the products that you sell. They can browse all the products available.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Customer Setting

You can specify the discount level for the various customer group via the Customer Setting

Reduce paper clutter and storage space

Payment Gateway

It's convenient that you can use the Payment Gateway which will transfer the money directly to your account.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily

Credit Facilities

You can provide credit facilities to the Customer. They can order on credit and pay later based on the credit terms.

Manage Data Efficiently

Inventory Availability

Issue payment receipt immediately after payment. Issue Deliver Instruction automatically from the system.

Easily Search Data Anytime You Need

Agent Commission Management

You may have a lot of agents and sub agents distributing your products to your end customers. Normally manufacturers have certain commission structure to manage the agents and distributors.

It could be quite complicated to track when the business becomes quite large and the number of agents is increasing significantly.


Each agent will have their log in to the system.

Access Anywhere, Anytime


The system has the category of agent and the commission for the category

Reduce paper clutter and storage space


You may have sub agent that are introduced by the agent. The agent may receive certain commission from the orders from the sub agent. The system must calculate this.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily

Special Commission

You may have certain special commission based on the total value of purchase for a certain period. The system will be able to help you manage this complex calculation.

Manage Data Efficiently

Traceability Module

In international business, product traceability is a must. In fact, manufacturing best practice require us to have the product traceability functions

It could be due to product failure, or health issues that necessitates the tracing.

Raw Material

You need to trace the raw material used in the manufacturing. All your raw material have batch number where we can trace which raw material is used in the finished product

Access Anywhere, Anytime


You will trace the manufacturing information such as the batch no, the manufacturing worker for the batch, the date/time of the manufacturing. You may want to track more info as required such as machine ID, process temperature or pressure used.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space

Batch Number

You will track the finished goods batch number. The finished goods batch number and traceability will enable you to track the date of manufacture, manufacturing process information and the batch of raw material used.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily


Whenever you face issue in the future, you can track back the products manufacturing history.

Manage Data Efficiently

Raw Material Inventory Module

In manufacturing process, you ned to make sure that your raw material is enough for the manufacturing process.

Otherwise, your process will come to an abrupt stop, just because one of the raw materials is not available.


You have the inventory of the raw material.

Access Anywhere, Anytime


You have the manufacturing recipe for the finished goods.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space


You can calculate the required raw material quantity based on the finished goods target. You will be able to ensure smooth manufacturing process if you take care of the raw material.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily


You can also estimate the cost of the finished goods. You can do this by updating the cost of the raw material with the latest update, and you will be able to estimate the actual cost of the finished goods. This will protect you from selling at a loss.

Manage Data Efficiently

Recipe Module

Manufacturers will have the recipe for each product that they make. Normally they will use the physical measure that can easily be translated to calculate the quantity used and balance quantity.

They can also use this to calcite the cost of the raw material.

GM of Raw Material

You have recipe for every end product that you manufacture. It could be certain gm of raw material 1 and certain gm of raw material 2 and so on.

Access Anywhere, Anytime


At the start of the manufacturing, you can use this module to check if you have enough raw material inventory.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space


At the end of manufacturing process, you can update the raw material used, and you would know the raw material balance in your factory store.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily


You can update the raw material pricing to calculate the finished goods cost.

Manage Data Efficiently

Manufacturing Dashboard

You may want to monitor the progress of manufacturing. As management, you may not be in the manufacturing floor all the time.

However, product delivery is always on your mind.


You have the module to record the manufacturing batch number and the finished product to be manufactured.

Access Anywhere, Anytime


The start date/time, the finished date/time, and the quantity target is recorded.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space


The finished goods section will update the quantity of finished goods and the information is available in the system. You can view from anywhere you are, even using your mobile.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily


You may want to install a large display in your factory floor so that your manufacturing team are aware of the status. You can see the batch no, the quantity manufactured, the percentage progress and the required finished date. Some alert may be configured if there is a delay.

Manage Data Efficiently

Machine Interface

Some machine may have computer controlled system installed. Some machine is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC have interfaces to talk to other computers either from the serial interface RS232 or RS485 or from the ethernet link. The interface may come from OPC, modbus or any other standard method.

The interface can be done based on the machine computers. We could help you to interface the machines to the enterprise system for you.

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System

Many companies nowadays integrate the manufacturing to the ERP system. The ERP system normally takes care of the front end and back end processes in the company.

The ERP system includes the following:

Accounting system

The system will help the company to manage the financial reports for the company. It covers the expenses, revenue, overhead expenses and finally generate the financial reports. The detail explanation for the Accounting Module is in the ERP Accounting module website.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Sales

This module takes care of the sales and marketing part of the company. The CRM system keeps the database history of every clients. The system also have sales staff KPI management. The Sales staff also can use the CRM tools to do sales work very efficiently from preparing quotation, receive order, issue delivery order, issue invoice and issue payment receipt.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space

HR and Payroll System

You may need to manage your staff efficiently using the HR system. Your staff information is managed online in staff profile. You manage the attendance, leave, staff movement training, claim, advance and overtime easily using the system.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily

Payroll System

The Payroll System will help you to process the payroll efficiently in compliance to te various government regulations in EPF, SOCSO, income tax deduction, PSMB, Zakat, EIS and others. The specific bank text files are also generated by the system to make your work easy to do.

Manage Data Efficiently

Staff Portal

Your staff can log in themselves to get the self services provided. They can manage their leaves, attendance, training, staff advance, claim, overtime and staff mveremt from the portal.

Easily Search Data Anytime You Need

You may want to use other ERP Modules to help you manage your company better. The ERP System also have other modules like Purchasing and Budget Module.

1. Purchasing Module - You can issue the Purchase Order using this module. The purchasing system will help you manage from purchasing requisition, compare prices, issue Purchase Order and check budget availability.

2. Budget Module - Many SME companies start to use Budget Module as part of their, day to day operation. Each spending is checked against budget. You can check budget balance. You can compare budget Vs actual. This is a much better way of managing company progress.

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