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We can assist SME manufacturers to grow their revenue and save costs by efficiently improve their financial and operations. Let us show you how we can help with your manufacturing business.

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Our Modules & Features

OfficeCentral Manufacturing ERP
manufacturing erp bill of materials
Bill of Materials

Easily identify the materials or recipe for each products that you manufacture. No more relying lists of materials and memory.

manufacturing erp traceability

Trace batch numbers of your products and the components or recipe it uses easily so you can decide to take any action efficiently.

manufacturing erp product costing
Product Costing

Calculations to manufacture your products has never been easier which calculated based on the costs of the raw materials your product requires.

manufacturing erp raw materials inventory management
Raw Materials Inventory Management

Determine whether your raw materials are sufficient or in a good enough condition for the manufacturing process to continue the production.

manufacturing erp inventory management
Finished Goods Inventory Management

Determine the finished goods or products that your company have manufactured are available for your customers to purchase. High quality goods means happy customers!

manufacturing erp dashboard
Manufacturing Dashboard

View your company's manufacturing process in real time so you can have the right information at the right time and become more confident in decision-makings.

manufacturing erp manufacturing instructions
Manufacturing Instructions

Easily commence the manufacturing process of your products. Select the date, delivery date and target quantity then let the process take care of the rest.

manufacturing erp update instructions
Update Manufacturing Instructions

You can quickly update the details of the manufacturing production such as the progress and any wastage with OfficeCentral for Manufacturing ERP!

manufacturing erp integration
Integrated with OfficeCentral ERP

Easily track your finished goods, and manage your inventory movements so you can easily book inventory when your customers place orders through your sales team.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

OfficeCentral Manufacturing ERP
manufacturing erp management

Reduce Waste, Risks & Cost

You can reduce wastage during the manufacturing process by effectively controlling your raw resources which can potentially lead to lowering your production expenses and enterprise information and management that helps to ensure regulatory compliance, you can predict and prevent or minimize risks.

productivity in manufacturing

Increase Productivity

You can effortlessly keep track of your production schedule and progress. By keeping track of your progress, you will be able to see how well your company is doing and whether you're on pace to meet your goals according to the plan that you haveset. Automate and improve your essential business processes to help everyone in your company get more work done.

manufacturing erp procedure

Standardise Procedures

Standardising any procedures in manufacturing helps in consistency in your production progress. To achieve a consistently high standard of manufacturing, you can utilise OfficeCentral for Manufacturing ERP to combine crucial health and safety inspections, quality control, and industry compliance.

supply chain

Increase Efficiency Supply Chain Planning, Management, and Fulfilment

You can utilise the global commerce network for your advantages to increase the efficiency of your sales and operations planning. Use supply chain planning and optimization to your advantage. Make use of multi-location, multi-logistics inventory planning with the integration with the Inventory Management system.

You can now achieve and experience Industry 4.0 digital transformation in manufacturing.

OfficeCentral Manufacturing Management System enables you to adapt more quickly to changing client demands and better handle purchasing, production, and shipping fluctuations. With correct product costing and pricing, you can respond to inquiries and requests faster. You can also leverage deep, industry functionality on a scalable cloud platform with flexible extensions and personalization.

OfficeCentral Manufacturing Management is also integrated with OfficeCentral ERP and Accounting solution. You can gain control over manufacturing instruction details and obtain better insights into your production expenses with integrated accounting software, so you can understand where you can cut costs and save money faster.



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Come and let's hear about OfficeCentral from OfficeCentral users themselves!

The OfficeCentral system is very convenient, easy to access because it can view all systems on one platform. It is very user-friendly and accessible anywhere using smartphones, laptops and computers.

Puan Iz Fairuz


OfficeCentral makes it easy. All invoices and receipts are under control and reports are easily generated when needed

Siti Hidayati


The OfficeCentral system is easy to access anywhere even without the office and the system, it is very much protected because it has a security step before it is generated to report.

Puan Kaznah Kuzi


OfficeCentral is the best system for SMEs because OfficeCentral is a simple one stop solution system that helps entrepreneurs to manage the business performance and results that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Office Management Solutions all in one place.

Puan Faridah Hanif


Our company have been using OfficeCentral for more than 5 years now. We registered the system when the government started to implement GST. We are quite satisfied with the system as we can store up and record easily our daily business, even using a smartphone.

It helps a lot with preparing invoices, DO, accounting system, CRM, and Finances. As for a small company like us, this system is affordable and within our budget. Everything can be stored in cloud without taking the PC storage.

Overall, I highly recommend this system to all new user whose been looking for a system that covers most aspects of our business

Raudhah Mohamad Ali


The OfficeCentral system makes accounting work easier as it can generate invoices, payment vouchers, and purchase orders in one platform. It is also very user-friendly, even people with no account background can use the OfficeCentral system. OfficeCentral prices are also affordable especially for SMEs.

Puan Kartini