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What is OfficeCentral Project Management?

Solution Overview

One of OfficeCentral advanced features are OfficeCentral Project Management, system that is designed to provide you with all the tools necessary for you to manage your project effectively and efficiently.

OfficeCentral cloud-based project management solution can help you significantly reduce your time spend on repetitive works. At the same time OfficeCentral Project Management helps increasing you and your project team efficiency in work collaboration.

With OfficeCentral Project Management, you can easily access to your data from any devices, be it your computer, your laptop or your mobile. This will make you and your project team very agile, very fast in making decision, everyone is updated instantly.

Ir Aziz Ismail
CEO of Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd

"We focus on providing the best cloud-based solutions to help you grow your business. Your success is our success."

OfficeCentral Project Management Benefits

Wondering why you should use OfficeCentral Project Management? There are countless number of benefits how OfficeCental Project Management can help you grow.


Now you can get your projects’ data from anywhere you are via any devices such as your PC at the office, your laptop at home and even your mobile phone when you are on the go. Make your decision making process much faster.

Go Paperless

Go green! With everything online, you will reduce the paper usage and everything is within your reach through your laptop, computer and mobile phone.

Easier Collaboration

By using OfficeCentral Project Management, it makes it easier for your team and also external consultants and contractors to collaborate together and save time from doing redundant works. Everyone will always be updated with the latest information, wherever they are.

Faster Response

In OiffceCentral Project Management, all the project team member has to do is to enter the information online. The Management, especially the busy ones, could be more responsive as the internet is available at their fingertip. Faster and broader input produces better decision making and faster decision.


In OfficeCentral Project Management, you are able to communicate with each team members in a project to share feedback, assign task or even conduct a meeting. Notifications and alerts will let you know your project progress and task completion in a project.


Data is all shared. If project progress is not submitted, the managers would definitely know delays may be happening. This will help to solve any issues earlier rather than later. All data is shared enabling transparency in managing projects.


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OfficeCentral Project Management Modules

Your Comprehensive Cloud-Based OfficeCentral Project Management Solution

Project Management

This is the core and the major part of the whole OfficeCentral Project Management System. Users are able to apply for projects online (reducing manual work and data entry!). The system administrator then will be able to approve the projects and assign the projects to existing user(s) in the system. Documents and pictures can be uploaded directly into the system.

Messages & Communications

In OfficeCentral Project Management, you can send messages and comments to your team member based on projects or overall.

It is an effective way of communication, you are able to post to your team members on any subjects. Posts that are tied to a team will then be kept as conversation under the project.

This make it easy to record any unofficial conversations and track them for each project.

Complaints & Work Order Management

OfficeCentral offers full-fledged project management until post-completion. Upon project completion (also available for ongoing projects), users are able to submit complaints regarding the project and manage work orders systematically within the system.

Communications & Tasks Management

Mimicking the design of Facebook wall posts, OfficeCentral Project Management produces a more effective way of communication. To put the "fun" in communication, users within OfficeCentral Project Management are able to post to team members on any subjects. Posts that are tied to a team will then be kept as conversations under the project itself.

With the task management, users can keep track of the tasks and get to know once the task is completed and be more efficent in choosing which tasks to do first with due dates.

Project Applications

In this module, you will be able to apply for projects to be started. This allows other users to submit project ideas and applications for processing.
As administrator, you are able to approve and assign a project to team project within the system.

In project application you can:

• Apply for project
• Approval of applications
• Auto-create project
• Assignment of Project Leader to project.

Meetings Management

In this module, OfficeCentral Project Management allows you to book and view the list of meetings in calendar or listing format for each project created by the project team member.

When adding a new meeting invitation, you can put in the meeting details and also meeting agenda. You can directly send the invitation from inside the system to the invited attendees’ email.

Once a meeting is created, you can also submit Minutes of Meeting online through OfficeCentral Project Management for reference. You can also add memo if required. This makes it easy for you to share meetings’ information and data to the participants while tracking each projects’ meetings and activities.


Why Choose Us?

We are not just a solutions provider, we want you to be Successful

We don’t just provide solutions. We provide assistance and support to make sure that you can successfully implement OfficeCentral Project Management at your company. We want you to be successful when using OfficeCentral Project Management and grow your business projects efficiently. That’s why we have a dedicated “Customer Success Department” in the business to help you become successful. They are not only experts in the system but also in financial and business operations.

By using OfficeCentral Project Management, you are not just buying a system, but you are buying the best solution to help you grow your business.

Need Help? Don't worry!

Do you need help when using the system? Don't worry, we have dedicated team specifically to help you to be to implement the system successfully. Many of our clients love our support and customer service. Why wait, sign up for OfficeCentral today! Your success is our success.

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Ir Aziz Ismail

Ir Aziz Ismail
CEO of Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd

"OfficeCentral Project Management revolutionizes the way you manage your projects by maximising the use of cloud and mobile technology in project management."

Better Business

Now, you can have instant, on-screen access to your list of staffs, their information and much more from anywhere you are, anytime you need them by using OfficeCentral - Malaysia online OfficeCentral Project Management system. No more worries about having to go to office to get any data or having data to be sent manually via email/phone/fax. You can easily access your OfficeCentral Project Management data even when you're on your overseas business trip. That's how connected you are to your company when implementing OfficeCentral.

  • picture Furthermore, with OfficeCentral, it is easier for you to manage multiple locations and branches from one system. No more having to transmit data manually via email/phone/fax.
  • picture OfficeCentral becomes your centralized data repository, allowing your staffs from different locations to access the same data, even when their offices are miles away.
  • picture This promotes team collaboration and increase productivity for teams across different regions. You can save time, reduce administrative work and increase productivity!

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Ir Aziz Ismail

Ir Aziz Ismail
Executive Chairman of
Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd

"We focus on providing the best cloud-based solutions to help you grow your business. Your success is our success."

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This module is a part of OfficeCentral ERP. You can choose to use this module only, or choose to use more modules or even the whole ERP system! You can mix and match the modules that you need. It's your choice.

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